Sharon Harvey

MFA Candidate - Year 2

See Sharon Harvey's profile on the website for the MFA Graduate Program in Dance.

As a Performer, Educator and Advocate of Injury free Dance Conditioning. Sharon Harvey has been following her bliss for most of her life, while working within the Dance community. As a Workshop Facilitator for teacher, dancers and movers of all walk of life. She promotes the importance of healthy dance conditioning and Afro-Modern Dance. The Key to the vitality of what she does is her radiant energy, her passion for the work and her unique approach to the creative process.

Sharon the dancer has performed in various works and worked with talented Choreographers, that has groomed her independence, as an Artist that uncovers stories untold, strengthen the Athleticisms and Artistry of dance forms and encourage the Empowerment and Presence of the female voice. From Badu Dance Theatre ‘Marie Joseph Angelique’, Canboulay Dance Theatre ‘Beryl ‘O’Beryl’, Adventures of a Black girl in search of God (under the choreographic direction of Vivine Scarlet), Holly Small ‘Souls’, Ballet Creole ‘Contemporary Voices’ and full circle to the present with company Azaguno ‘Flight’ under the choreographic direction of Dr. Zelma Badu-Younge. Sharon looks forward to paying it forward. Graduate of York University’s BFA dance program Sharon is coming back to pursuing her Graduate studies fall of 2012. She will be combining her two passions Dance Choreography and Costume Design.