Ruth Levin

MFA Candidate - Year 2

See Ruth Levin's profile on the website for the MFA Graduate Program in Dance.

Ruth Levin’s central passion is the study of the human experience.  A graduate of the School of Toronto Dance Theatre, she has had the great pleasure and challenge of exploring this passion in the dance studio. Deepening this study for the past six years with a dedicated spiritual practice, the studio and stage serve as venues for bringing this wisdom into a discipline and into the world.  Her work as a performer and movement teacher serve to merge awareness of the body and the transformative power of the imagination as tools for celebrating the human heart and affecting positive change. She has had the tremendous privilege of working with world class teachers in both fields of study, including in the field of dance, Peggy Baker, Margie Gillis, Danny Grossman, James Kudelka, as well as the principle faculty at the School of TDT. Her guides in the direct study of mind are Achariya Doug Duncan and the eclectic and enlivened people that make up the Clear Sky Sangha.